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About Alisha

I'm a self taught Illustrator, Digital Painter, Animator and VFX Artist based in Munich.

I love my day job in animation and VFX and relax by painting portraits and stylized illustrations in my freetime.
Occasionally I teach art classes for the Diakonie in Munich.

I'm a quick learner on the search for the perfect style and technique for my art. My portfolio includes Illustrations, Animations, Paintings and Compositing.

My prefered Tools are: Clipstudio Paint, After Effects, Photoshop, Colored Pencils, Markers and Acrylics.

As well as: Moho, Nuke, Modo, Maya, Illustrator, Indesign and Mischief

If you like my style, want to know more , commissions a costume artwork or do some animation or VFX work together. Get it touch using the my E-Mail form below :)


Let's get in touch. I'm looking foward to your E-Mail :)

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